Saturday, March 10, 2018

Conscience and quality will definitely give work

I was wondering about external work. It is fine you think better. But show output!!
I am sure product of conscience and quality will give output. Perfect work. Hard work like sun. Every day. Without fail.
And I believe 1/((c^(n(n+1)/2))*((q^(m(m-1)/2))) will give work.
Work in circles. As a function of pi.
Above should result in pi.
( Ramanujan Sato series?)
Here are results from Wolfram:

The value is 0.542 approximately.  In all cases. 

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Up and Working

You became extroverted. You were helped by Becoming Extroverted blog ideas.
You needed to understand others. You were helped by Measuring Behaviour blog ideas.
You are still not much active. You wish you would move and get things done. You want to become active and involve in more working. So that you get a good surrounding for yourself. Or make a better atmosphere. Or just stay healthy.
You wish there is an equation which will help you do that. Up and Working blog is just about that.
With Becoming Extroverted you managed to talk glibly. Unhesitatingly. You made a better mental set-up for talking and communication.
Then, you realized just talking will not do. The other person needs measuring for fairness. The Measuring Behaviour helped you in understanding people better.
But the above are just static things. It did not help you in actions. Being mentally prepared with understanding people and talking with them is not action.
Why does a person act?
This is what is this blog about. Following steps in this blog will spring you into action.
The two words associated with working are Conscience and Quality. If both these are high, then chances are you will act.
What do I mean ?
Consider a saint. He is interested in serving people and his conscience cares for people. He has high conscience for helping the needy. If a person is thirsty and comes to him for water. He is very likely to jump into action and fetch water for the thirsty.
Consider a quality conscious interior decorator. Such a person is likely to jump into action to keep his house tidy and clean and pleasing.
Therefore, I make a big statement here.
Conscience x Quality = Up and Working.
Together the three, Becoming ExtrovertedMeasuring Behaviour and Up and Working will build into you an unbeatable personality. You will be a changed man. You will die for actions. You will make friends easily. And you will understand people better.